Monday, October 16, 2006

Respect to Helmut Smits

Name: Pamphlet
Year: 2006
Material: computer, software, printer

People can type a message on the laptop. By pressing ‘send’ a pamphlet is printed and dropped from the 10th floor.

Name: Street fountain


Small water pumps in existing pot-holes in the road surface.
When it rains, small fountains appear.

Name: Deo Roller

Roll-on deodorants are placed on the ends of a small table’s legs, which can be replaced when empty.
The table can be moved around freely, and will release a pleasant smell when moved.

Name: Cloud
Year: 2002

Float up a cloud on a summer day with clear blue skies.
The cloud is made of white helium balloons, and is shaped as a child would draw it. Prohibited by Dutch law, as per article 59 of air traffic regulations.

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